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Lead Tech, an engineering company, designs and develops, technical publications, drawings, software and industrial automation services since 1994.

Lead Tech is specialized, thanks to its remarkable experience in design and maintenance, in supplying a wide range of technical services as the Technical Authoring, Desktop Publishing, Software Development, Integrated Logistic Support, Training and Drawing.

Our customers work in several areas as follows:
Aerospace and Defence
Railway and Mechanic
Automotive and ICT
Fitness – Wellness

What we do

We guarantee customer satisfaction in the following areas

About design and development of electronic devices for power systems and automation.

Complete our portfolio: translations, data entry, conventional paper and 3D model printing services.


Lead Tech Group is certified


UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – EN 9100:2018, AS9100D, JISQ 9100:2016

Design and Production of Technical Publications. Design and Production of Software. Mechanical Design and Space Systems. Electronic Design and Industrial Automation Systems.



Aerospace Laboratory for Innovative components aims members to promote research, development, manufacturing and marketing of their products and activities in ICT, TLC and Aerospace areas.

Chain supports enterprises to face the current economic threads and challenges. The Consortium carries out activities and services aimed to face usual issues regarding SMEs, in particular by providing: a gate to several services to the companies dedicated to the transport field, technologies and products, know-how exchanges, tools for credit and Fund raising, high education programs, internationalization activities, support to promote agreements among companies.

Unimpresa supports small and medium-sized enterprises that represent the backbone of the economy of the country, breaking the traditional barriers of association between primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.


Scandinavian Manufacturing SCAMA AB is leading the technology development in Aircraft Arresting Systems. With more than forty years of experience and references on all continents SCAMA offers a complete line of modern, robust and reliable arresting systems for all your arrester needs.

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CONCERTO (Cabin nOise reductioN ground Checked by nEw loudspeakeR exciTatiOn)

EXPO Ferroviaria 2019

Paris Air Show 2019

Aircraft Interiors Expo 2019 is coming…Lead Tech is waiting for you!

Lead Tech at Aeromart Toulouse summit

Mini Irene passes the test! The satellite will go to Mars.

new Lead Tech operating office in Turin


Lead Tech, Paris Air Show 2017 – Le Bourget

International Space Apps Challenge 2017

Lead Tech at Italy-China Exchange Event 2016

LMS Maintenance – Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Lead Tech is the SCAMA representative in Italy.

lms rfid

car human interface

software lms


LEAD TECH offers own services to support the customer in the growth and development of company

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Our Customers

Lead Tech provides an ongoing assistance to the customer, from the initial phase to the realization of required product



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