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Hardware Development

Development of integrated circuit schematics, layouts, and Gerber files.

Firmware Development

Programming of embedded microcontroller and microprocessor boards.


Modeling, 3D printing, and development of electro-mechanical prototypes.

Area Elettronica

We cover the entire product research and development process, from design to production to testing. Over the years, we have acquired skills and experience in the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors, and development of consumer product. Here are the reasons why clients choose us as partners for their projects:

Quality and flexibility – we provide the right product for every application.
Technical support – we work closely with the client.
Qualified team – we provide specialized technical expertise.
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Projects in progress

Technical team support.


Over time, we have implemented our portfolio of electronic devices, developing expertise in design and engineering. Today, we create products that meet the needs and requirements of our clients, with fast delivery times.

The client is kept informed throughout the entire design and development process and is informed of all the accessory features of the product, as well as its possible future developments.

Our focus is always on progress.


Definition of HW/FW architectures and functionalities

From idea to product: we analyze requirements, architecture and functionalities to define the product ex novo, according to the client's expectations, speeding up the design phases and optimizing the time-to-market.

Hardware design and prototyping industrialization

We engineer electronic boards and prototypes according to the highest quality standards, even for multilayer boards and high-density components.

Firmware design

Development of firmware for 8, 16 and 32-bit microcontrollers for control boards and microprocessor-embedded systems for various families of devices such as Microchip, ST, Atmel, Nordic, NXP, etc.

System update and modification and production of small series

Update of obsolete systems schematics and layout, production of Gerbers files and small series of prototypes through our partners.

Custom case design for electronic systems

Design of cases and containers for electronic boards with in-house prototyping using 3D printing.

Why choose us?

Depending on the type of order and the industry we work with, we are supported by highly specialized internal teams, with expertise in Research and Development and programming.

The Electronics Department uses equipment such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, signal generators, power supplies, and communication bus analyzers such as RS232, RS485, and CAN to verify the functionality of the systems under development, as well as soldering stations for modifications or prototype assembly.

In addition to the equipment, we use the most modern design software such as Altium for electronic boards, Solidworks for small mechanical design or integration, and the most commonly used development environments for firmware coding such as Eclipse and Visual Studio. Finally, we use a Raise 3D Pro2 Plus 3D printer for printing objects up to 305x305x605 mm with a resolution of 50 um.


We are European partners

We work on projects that contribute to solving issues of European interest, with the participation of international entities of excellence. The focus of the European projects we are involved in is distributed across the following areas: climate, natural resources, and environment; energy and mobility; industry and aerospace.

Are you interested in our Electronics Area? Send us your application for an internship in our company.

Are you a student of Electrical/Electronic Engineering or an enthusiast? Are you familiar with Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other embedded systems for automation and control? Would you like to apply your knowledge in challenging and cutting-edge projects?